​Hi, I' m Pastor Ernie North and I would like to introduce you to our church! The Fruitful Vine Christian Church is a nondenominational conservative full-gospel church.

Our name comes from Scripture. In John 15:8 we read "My Father is glorified by this, that you bear much fruit and become my disciples."{NRSV} In this verse everything we are about is summarized.

We desire to have the power, presence and person of the Holy Spirit live through our lives so that we may bear much fruit for Christ and be His disciples! Our Vision Statement: "Making Hurting People Whole!"

Our Mission Statement: "Reaching People and Making them Whole!"

Our Core Values:

  • 1) Feed the healthy - Zechariah 11:16, John 21:17  To teach, train, equip and develop each believer in our body to their maximum potential in Jesus Christ.
  • 2) Strengthen the weak - Ezekiel 34:4, John 21:16  To give encouragement, edification, support, strength and love to all who are weak!
  • 3) Heal the sick - Ezekiel 34:4, John 21:16  To seek to Lord's miraculous healing power for all who are sick and in need.
  • 4) Bind up the injured - Ezekiel 34:4, John 21:16  To minister to the broken hearted and see them restored to wholeness in Christ!
  • 5) Bring back the strays -Ezekiel 34:4  To welcome and bring back those who have given up on church!
  • 6) Search for the lost - Ezekiel 34:4, Matthew 28:18-20  We don't want to wait for the unbelievers to come to church we want to be the kind of church that reaches out to the nonbeliever in real, tangible and meaningful ways.
  • 7) Seek the young - Zechariah 11:16, John 21:15  God has given Fruitful Vine Church the desire to seek out and disciple the young!
  • 8) Caring for the lost - Zechariah 11:16, John 15:7  We want the lost in our area to feel the compassion and love of Christ!